Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still CrAzY.

Day 5 (Tuesday).  Packed up at the Pismo RV Resort Campground in the morning.  While I showered and packed, Luke took the kids to the campground mini golf, but it sucked and the kids were fighting.  We pulled out of camp around 12:00, and drove about 20 minutes before we realized neither of us packed the stroller.
  Turned around and went back for it, to discover Zeke had pushed it to a neighboring campsite, and parked it at the door of a really nice motorhome. Maybe he was trying to upgrade?  Sorry dude, you're stuck with us and the old, seen-better-days trailer.
   We drove to LA, hoping to spend a little time with our friends Monica & Trevor who had a new baby boy 6 weeks ago.  
Visit was nice, we spent a good amount of time trying to figure out where we could park the trailer close to Knott's Berry Farm so we could be close in the morning.  In the end we decided to just stay parked in front of their house and drive the hour in the morning.

Day 6 (Wednesday).  
KBF didn't open until 10:00am, and we were told we would hit less traffic if we left between 9:00 and 9:30.  We were pretty on schedule with only a slight hold-up when Zeke got locked in the trailer bathroom.  After trying to stick some pointy objects into the lock, Luke finally decided to remove the handle on the door.  Zeke was freed, and we were on the road. 
 We circled the park a bit trying to find the RV parking, and finally got in the gates at about 11:00.  Right off the bat Luke & Dane hit a roller coaster (the only one Dane was tall enough to ride - but a real roller coaster none-the-less).
 Genevieve, Zeke and I went off to explore (for what turned out to be about an hour) while we waited.  Zeke was having tantrum after tantrum, and was being a little hellion to tell the truth.  By the time we met back up with Luke & Dane, I was about done for the day.  Zeke is definitely a 2-parent kid.
  We had a good day, the highlight being the log ride.  The kids loved it.  Zeke tolerated it the first 3 times or so, then was pissed the last 2. 

 The big surprise of the day was when we were eating dinner.  Genevieve saw another roller coaster.  A big one.  The kind that goes upside down about 4 times.  I would say similat to the Demon at Great America.  She said she wanted to ride it.  I told her she wasn't tall enough.  She ran over and measured herself, and she was an inch or 2 too short.  She insisted that she was tall enough.  
Finally I told her, she could wait in line and see what the ride operator said.  Luke was off buying food during all this, and I had the 2 boys, so I couldn't go with her.  About 10 minutes pass, and she still wasn't back.  Luke came back so I ran up the exit to see where she was.  Well she was in front of the line, ready to go.  I couldn't believe it.  This tiny little 6 year old about to ride her first real roller coaster (and a doozy at that!), and she was going to do it by herself.  I still can't believe the confidence she had.  So I took off running to join her.  I enjoy roller coasters less the older I get, and I had no desire to do this one.  But I couldn't let her do this by herself.  So we did it together.  And she was hooked.  We've got ourselves a little adrenalin junkie.   

The last couple hours at the park there were virtually no lines, so we got to ride a bunch of rides.  Minus the outrageously over-priced food, I think the park is a good bang for your buck for a family like ours.  We didn't budget for Disneyland, and you can't do Disney in one day.  KBF was a great fit.  I'm sure it was a highlight of our vacation for our kids.

After we left the park at almost 10pm, we drove a couple hours south to park at our friends (the Berry's)  house in San Diego.  

Day 6 (Wednesday).  We woke at the Berry's, and enjoyed a leisurely morning catching up.  As leisurely as it can be with 8 kids running around.  Yes eight.  You might remember the Berry's from my other blog, where I explained how they were adopting 5 year old Ugandan twins.  So the Berry's had their (now) 5 kids, and us with our 3.  Actually for 8 kids, it wasn't that chaotic.  We all went to Coronado beach, where it was altogether too windy and not nearly warm enough for a beach day.  Somehow we still manage to get burned.  I was a bad bad mommy who brought, but completely forgot to apply the sunblock.  

We came back, showered, and unsuccessfully tried to get Zeke to take a nap.  We had plans with to get together with a friend of mine form college for dinner, but she completely flaked on me.  So we yet again imposed on the Berry's and they were gracious enough to feed us =).  It was a sweet time that I'm glad we didn't miss.  We got to look at some photo books that Brian made from their 2 trips to Uganda, and Becky & Billy (the twins) were right there getting so excited about the pictures.  They have been here 2 months, and know soooo much english.  Apparently they came over with quite a bit, and are picking up the rest at a rapid rate.  In fact, we couldn't get them to speak Lugandan to us at all.   Anyhow, all the Berry kids are absolutely adorable, and we are really enjoying our time with the whole family.  Tomorrow we are going to the San Diego Zoo, and it will be the twins first time.  Should be exciting! 

Okay, done for now.  The only new trailer news is that when Luke plugged us into the Berry's extension cord, he got shocked when he touched the outside of the trailer.  We were plugged in all night, and he got a pretty big shock this morning.  That one is much scarier than a leaky roof or even a flat tire.  So um, yah, say a little prayer that we don't get electrocuted in this heap.  =)

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Totally Desperate Mom said...

is it wrong that reading this made me smile? Especially at Zeke getting locked in the bathroom and G insisted to go on the big dog roller coaster? And the unenjoyment of two kids fighting? Memories being made for sure.