Thursday, April 01, 2010


I was busy this Christmas! Every year I intend to make hand-made gifts and resist the buying frenzy from big-box stores. This is the first year I actually got passed the "intention" part of it, and got some real sewing done. Here are a few of the shirts I made.

I'm thinking about opening an etsy shop to sell custom tee's, and save up for an upcoming trip to Costa Rica. Until then, if anybody wants to buy one, e-mail me at amy . taylor 2 @ (no spaces). I think I will sell them for $15/each for the "letter tees" and $20 for the "Mom" tee (hand-sewing takes more time!). Matching barrette - $2.

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Melissa :) said...

Amy! Hiya! I have missed you! Glad to see you & glad to see you're doing well! I'll have to catch up on your other blog. :)

PS - I'm assuming you didn't get my *new* blog when I made the other one private...(private because of C1's school, if you remember) So, how did you find me again?

So good to see you! :)